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EC_DECLARE_HOOKRuntime hooking
ec_module_manifest_iter_cloneclone a module manifest iterator
ec_module_manifest_iter_destroydestroy a module manifest iterator
ec_module_manifest_iter_initinitialize a module manifest iterator
ec_module_manifest_iter_nextadvances a module manifest iterator
ec_module_manifest_refreshrefreshes the manifest list
ec_module_manifest_value_as_dictretrieves a dictionary of manifest values for a named module
ec_module_manifest_value_as_listretrieves a list of manifest values for a named module
ec_module_manifest_value_as_stringretrieves a manifest value for a named module
ec_module_resolve_capabilityresolve a capability by loading modules
module_add_hook_firstAdd a hook as the first hook
module_add_hook_lastAdd a hook as the last hook
module_get_hook_array_from_transactionGet the hooks associated with the current transaction
module_get_hook_headFetch the arguments for a hook

For an overview of the Momentum module API see “Module API” and for an overview of hooks see “Hooking API”.

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