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ec_adaptive_get_backstore_job_classGet the backstore job class
ec_adaptive_get_backstore_job_concurrencyGet the backstore job concurrency semaphore
ec_adaptive_get_configured_sweep_rulesReturn a list of configured sweep rules
ec_adaptive_get_stats_periodReturn the adaptive_stats_period which is the retention period for adaptive stats
ec_adaptive_logLog function for AD system to log operational logs
ec_adaptive_log_configLog function for AD system to log config change to jlog
ec_adaptive_log_statusLog function for AD system to log status change to jlog
ec_adaptive_logfLog function for AD system to log operational logs
ec_adaptive_logvLog function for AD system to log operational logs
ec_adaptive_persist_configurationsfunction to save suspensions, and optvals for a binding/domain to backstore
ec_adaptive_remove_suspensionfunction to remove one suspension from backstore
ec_adaptive_restore_configurationfunction to refresh parameters from backstore
ec_adaptive_sweep_rules_by_binding_domainReturn a list of applicable sweep rules for given binding/domain pair
ec_adaptive_throttle_create_namedcreate a named throttle within the adaptive context
ec_adaptive_throttle_deltaadjust the counter for a named throttle
ec_adaptive_throttle_is_exceededcheck to see if a throttle is over budget
ec_adaptive_throttle_time_until_clearcheck to see how long it will be until a throttle is under budget
is_adaptive_scope_globalcheck if a binding/domain pair's adaptive scope is global or not

The APIs documented here relate to the adaptive module. See the Momentum reference manual for more information about Adaptive Delivery. Also see Adaptive Delivery User Guide.

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