How to get Help

This guide will help you find the best resource for your inquiry and fastest resolution. As a general rule first search in the latest API docs and knowledge base articles and then try the following.

Service Status

Find out whether the service is up, down, sideways, on vacation or going slow                                                        


Account Services

Upgrades, Downgrades (standard plans) See the Billing page under Account in the SparkPost UI
Upgrades - Large Plans & Add-ons Contact Sales
Cancel your Service Submit a support request
Cancel your Service - Large Plans >2M/month Submit a support request
Billing Inquiries Submit a support request


Account Setup & Requests

First Time Setup Support See the video guides in the Getting Started Section of the support center, if you are still having issues Submit a support request
Dedicated IP Address Requests
(for paid plans)
See the IP Pools page under Account to request your IP(s)
Sending Limit Request See the Usage page in the UI and complete the form under 'Contact support'
Custom Bounce Domain See Setting up Custom Bounce Domain article for instructions
Inbound Relay Webhook Setup See Enable Inbound Relay Webhook for instructions


Technical Support

DKIM Verification Issues Submit a support request
Finding Bounce Information See Getting Bounce Information for instructions
Policy Rejections See the Suppressions Article

Support Team Hours

Our Support teams work Monday to Friday 09:00 til 20:00 Eastern Time (UTC-5), When you submit a ticket you will receive an acknowledgment with your case ID, you can reply to this with any further information that will help to expedite your case, screenshots, sample code and as much detail as you can always helps. We will do our best to respond promptly and sort out your query or issue and get you sending as soon as possible.

Integration Support

For ALL integration questions, check out our community slack channel at and chat with our engineers and other developers using SparkPost. Whether you are using a third party front-end application or service, using an existing Library or building your own, you will find help and advice in the community.
The SparkPost community channels include:
  • community_support, announcements, subaccounts
  • csharp, python, node, php, ruby, wordpress
For common front end integrations we have basic guides in the Integrations Section of the support center or click on the particular guide you require:
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